What processes are suitable for RPA?

Go on to read which processes are suitable for RPA? We’ve seen processes across industries adopt RPA or Intelligent Automation. It is applicable across industries. Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom, Insurance, Retail can be managed by the Digital Workforce. All the listed below could also help you decide whether you’d like to automate functions inhouse or outsource them. To read in depth about RPA Vs Outsourcing, you could read here.

Processes must have the following characteristics:

  • Rule-based
  • Structured Input
  • Digitally triggered
  • Stable

Highly effective with process that have the following characteristics:

  • Large volumes
  • High no. of FTE allocated
  • Volume Spikes due to seasonality or business exigencies

Also applicable

Some human judgement
Primarily rule-based process that has some human judgement could be a candidate for assisted robotic process automation

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