What are the benefits?

Do More With Less

Our software robots can easily automate any back office process or routine task, error free and faster than humanly possible. They will execute the most tedious and repetitive activities with precision and without interruption. Plus, our robots can run 24 hours, 7 days a week while costing a fraction of the human resource equivalent.

Scalability And Control

Blue Prism software robots enable enterprise to define the way work is allocated, managed, and scaled. Our software can be deployed on premise or in the cloud while being safe and scalable, endorsed by IT and business opterations, and capable of running unattended without the need for constant monitoring. The robots are given secure logins with access rights and encryption. A control room and dashboards monitor outcomes, review the priorities of the workforce, and mange business or system exceptions. The solution is centralised, not on user’s desktop and managed by the business so processes are easily changed.

Best-Of-Breed Partner Eco-System

Blue Prism delivers a complete automation platform that can meet the highest requirement levels for audit, security, and compliance while taking advantage of the latest AI, cognitive, OCR and cloud capabilities. This gives partners and users alike an automation platform that accelerates access to emerging technologies while delivering on all the key tenets of enterprise-class software.

Reduce Customer Churn

With Blue Prism your people really do get on with interacting with customers, making better informed business decisions and improving the bottom line. Our automation platform helps improve customer response time, lower inquiries, and increase overall service satisfaction levels. Our software robots help enterprises quickly adapt services by accurately responding to customer demands.

IT Optimization

Blue Prism enables organizations to leverage, integrate and more efficiently utilize their existing IT while gaining access to emerging technologies. We work across all IT architectures including, Mainframe, Windows, Linux, and Web APIs. This provides a universal and consistent back office automation platform with embedded controls and governance that is code-free and managed by the organization itself.

Transformational Lever

Automation is about the liberation of human capital; aligning employees so they can contribute higher value work, focus on what matters most, streamline and improve services. Our software robots allow your employees to focus on higher value activities that require communication, empathy, judgement-based problem solving and so on.