We offer orientations on RPA technology to help everyone at your business understand the fundamentals.

What We Offer

RPA Executive Leadership Program

The RPA Training designed with a laser focus out of a need for the executive and C-level leadership to understand the RPA technology fundamentals, ecosystem, vendor landscape, and critical success factors for RPA initiative. This is a perfect orientation program before your organization embarks on the RPA journey. It is delivered by leading RPA consultants with a proven track record of large-scale global enterprise RPA programs. This way your company will be able to learn from implementation experts rather than vendor representatives.

Duration: 4 hours, on-premise Program Objectives

  • Understanding the RPA and cognitive technology ecosystem
  • Industry relevant case studies and research
  • Establishing the RPA vision
  • Understanding the enterprise RPA maturity model
  • RPA governance lifecycle
  • Robotic operating model approach

Blue Prism Developer Series

Delivered by accredited Blue Prism developers having extensive experience in delivering large-scale enterprise RPA implementations over a series of 3 levels. At the end of the series the candidates are eligible to take the Blue Prism Developer Accreditation Certification exam. The program is designed to let candidates fail-fast with a lot of hands-on training and production simulation exercises to make sure your enterprise-scale automations.

Level 1 – Blue Prism Foundation Training Course

  • Duration: 1 week, e-learning
  • Course Objectives
    • Introduction to RPA and the Blue Prism software
    • Understanding the concepts, methodology
    • Understanding the product features and implementation best practices

Level 2 – Blue Prism Practitioner Training Course

  • Duration: 2 weeks, classroom-based
  • Course Objectives
    • Expands on foundation training knowledge
    • Installing Blue Prism for standalone deployment
    • Hands-on experience in ‘best-practices’ and real-life automatons

Level 3 – Blue Prism Accredited Developer Course

  • Duration: 8 weeks, classroom-based
  • Course Objectives
    • Rapidly up-skill right through to being production ready
    • Creating the Solution Design and Object Interface Document
    • Understanding architectures and load balancing
    • Preparation for the Accredited Blue Prism Developer Certification

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