RPA seems right for me, so what’s next?

If you decide RPA is right for you, it is the beginning of a long journey. This is not like running a technology project with a defined start and end; it is more akin to a transformational change program. Think of building a production line that utilizes the capability to deliver ever improving products and services. This approach requires a new way of working. And, therefore, it requires a level of business change and transformation.

Before you start there are some important principles you should consider:

  • The business should control the automations – they identify the processes, configure the robots, and ‘manage’ the digital workforce. You don’t need to be technical to do this.
  • IT should own the platform in terms of how it is provisioned, governed, and secured.
  • Start small and build solid foundations and then expand.
  • Have a clear vision of what you want and take the right people with you.

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