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Use Cases -RPA in Healthcare

RPA  in healthcare has helped to streamline processes and improve operations in healthcare, successfully enabling healthcare professionals to shift time-consuming, error-prone manual work from human to machine. As a result, the healthcare industry has the potential to save billions of dollars in coming years

Robotic process automation in healthcare should thus be taken full advantage of, in the attempt to provide adequate medical care to a larger number of people.

The benefits of robotic process automation in healthcare mean increased operational efficiency, productivity and cost-savviness. In fact, there is more than this quantitative approach to the issue; we should not forget the qualitative dimension of RPA in healthcare

Patient Registration

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensure patient data is entered and made available across all the systems as soon as they sign up or sign in thus removing the need for registration wait times and focus directly on providing healthcare.

Claims Processing

When it comes to processing claims, speed and accuracy are invaluable while being 100% compliant at the same time. Enterprise Virtual Workers provide straight through processing of claims based on your specific rule-set. Exceptions cases can be handled individually to ensure specific attention from experts.

Membership Management

Enable end-to-end membership management with Virtual Enterprise Workers and stay one step ahead in current membership evaluation, onboarding and offboarding management and growth predictions.

Drug registration

Seamless automation facilitated by RPA in Healthcare at every step of Drug Registration from registration to approval and getting your health care products to market faster than before ensuring 100% compliance and approvals for all global regulations.

Case Study

96% improvement

in staff productivity


This UK health care provider dominates the healthcare space with 85% of the market and are the third largest employer in the world. One of the trusts of this organization calls over 250,000 patients annually for diabetic retinopathy screening, and this number is increasing by over 4% each year.  Analysing all of the eye images for these patients and producing the results is an enormous administration task which has to be completed within tight timeframes, using high quality processes – with no patient details or results lost in the process In 2009, they rolled out a new automated grading system which helped to analyse retinal eye images for a specific eye pathology associated with retinopathy. Before this system could go live, they needed to interface the current screening IT system to an automated-grader they originally looked at the more traditional IT interfaces to link the 2 systems and decided instead to try RPA as it enabled them to quickly develop a flexible and scalable solution


  • – The organization has been able to steadily increase the daily throughput. The robot can now process up to 600 patient episodes per day / over a 7 day working week.
  • – The RPA solution gives them the flexibility to quickly deploy an additional RPA as their patient numbers increase, to help manage the workload – at minimal cost.
  • – The system is now more resilient and it has provided them with the operational capability and agility that they require in order to deliver their services
  • – The robot is monitored on throughput and output and because it’s operating as a user, it goes through the same quality process checks as any normal user would. The robot works alongside people on a daily basis doing the same work
  • – Automating some of the processes has helped us with throughput and enabled us to avoid processing backlogs, keep up with peaks in demand and maintain our quality levels. RPA has also enabled us to minimise increasing programmes costs as our patient numbers rise, as well as reduce risk.

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