Use Cases

Policy Administration & Compliance Reporting

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensures end-to end policy data administration and upkeep so your staff put customer-care first without having to worry about Compliance Reporting as digital workers manage automated compliance reporting for the PRA.


Configured confidence (term to be used for SEO) by the virtual enterprise workforce for managing risks that are in line with your policies leaving your experts to focus on higher risk profiles, exceptions and outliers.

Claims management

Virtual Enterprise Workers manage and process claims by referencing policy entitlements, straight through resolutions, approvals and escalations as per the configured rules. Automation of processings of insurance policies following notification of a death helps your staff to focus on the human touch much needed in times of the loss.

Market and Competitive analysis

Realign labor intensive activities of market positioning, offers aggregation and competitor analysis to be performed by your virtual enterprise workers so you can concentrate on market differentiation strategy.

Case Study


productivity gains


For policy migration process, consolidation of an insurer’s set of policy books, spread across tens of legacy systems with high support costs and an error prone and unintuitive operational overhead, requiring continued training for staff was required.


Automation of the policy migration process comprised of tens of systems and numerous policy books, all with differing data formats, historical context and data conventions / shorthands  interfacing. Also, cleansing of data on the move, by cross referencing against external systems

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