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Use Cases

User and Access Management

AURO ViEW (Virtual Enterprise Workforce) helps you stay in control of your application and system security by automating all the identity and access management tasks. This ensures all your systems know who to let in, who to help out and who to keep out.

Request and Change Management

Never miss an SLA or an opportunity to service requests and change management requests from your customers for your standard and bespoke processes alike. With the virtual workforce, automate all your disparate systems to provide unified handling of your business processes.

Self-service catalog

Ensure that your customers have all the means to help themselves by automating and presenting a unified view of your services catalog. Using the automated and integrated solution customers can easily service common problems or requests through online portals without having to wait for manual intervention by service personnel

Problem Management

Configured confidence with the enterprise virtual workforce handling incident management and escalation to the right personnel with alert and feed thereby dealing with incidences with confidence knowing that your system is backed by a robust RPA implementation.

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