Use Cases

Inventory Management

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce support control of your inventory with seamless integration across supplier systems and warehouses. Manage inbound and outbound inventory with ease to maintain optimum inventory levels without the need for human supervision.

Order Management

Maximize efficiency and achieve lowest number of processing errors by reducing human touch points in order management. The robotics platform is scalable enough to match the customer demands during peak seasons and exceed expectations.

Logistics Management

With the virtual enterprise workforce you are in control by knowing and tracking every item to know what is where and at what time. Transfer the repetitive and straight through tasks of your logistics operations across disparate channels to virtual workers freeing your precious staff hours to focus on the exceptions.


Provide your finance staff assistance with virtual workers to manage accounts receivables, invoices, statements, chases and reconciliations which require minimalistic human intervention leading to improved cash flows and reduced operational costs.

Where does RPA fit in your business?