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Campaign management

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensures high speed response with back office automation to support new product launches and product incentives to empower your marketing team to concentrate on the creatives, get more time to interface with potential clients and thereby build market reach.


Get all you need for forecasting with precision as your virtual workforce gathers and churns out the date using existing sources and analytics platforms so that you can focus on the decision making and prediction.

Business Intelligence

Empower your analyst by freeing them of collecting, collaborating and feeding data into the BI tools, leaving them with the time to implement BI insights and drive business growth.

Advertisement Spent Management

Ensure effective tracking and analysis of your advertising spends by collecting data from various marketing channels and applications. Gain insights on spend return on investment and impact of each campaign.

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Use Cases

Customer Relationship management

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce empower you to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, to help you achieve the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Virtual Workers compile information on customers across different channels and points of contact between you and your customer giving your customer-facing staff detailed information on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Inventory management

Automated processes run by you virtual workforce unify your view of the inventory levels across distributed locations and disparate systems giving the best tools in your hand for effective inventory management of your stocked goods thus overcoming operational challenges of inaccurate forecasting, poor inter-departmental communication, regulatory compliances, etc.


Virtual workers accelerate your logistics management with complete tracking from the point of origin to the point of origin. The heavy lifting of planning routes, driver deployments, delivery of goods, job scheduling & grouping and optimising fleet usage across multiple in-house, third party systems and physical locations is done by the virtual workers.

Site Access Management

Site managers no longer have to rely on manual interventions to know in real time which visitors are on the site, look after the safety of visitors or inform visitors of the preventive measures to be taken in each sector with the virtual workforce at their disposal. Regulatory audits, compliances and reviewing site access permits is seamlessly taken care of by virtual workers.

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Use Cases

Order to Cash management

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensures the receiving and processing of customer orders is managed efficiently and accurately thus avoid not only financial problems but also reputational issues. The automation includes the entire cycle of quote and order management, credit management, order fulfillment, logistics, invoicing, accounts receivable, collection and reporting in a unified manner across disparate systems including legacy and third party applications.

Record to Reporting management

Get the necessary insights on the strategic, operational and financial facets giving you an in-depth idea of your organization’s performance. The process of gathering, converting and supplying information to stakeholders who want to know if their expectations have been met is critical and highly regulated. Automation across Master Data Maintenance, Financial Closing & Consolidation, General Accounting., Fixed Asset recording & accounting and intercompany accounting gives you the edge without data posting errors.

Procure to pay management

Entrust the virtual workforce to run the procure to pay cycle efficiently for continuously managing their cash flow, build goodwill with suppliers and make profits. Automation across requirement planning, requesting quotes from suppliers, requisition processing, PO creation and comparison to the Good Received Note along with reporting ensures all the checks and balances are in place without the risk of documentation errors and delays in processing

Credit administration

Speed up your core business processing without compromising protection from a potential future debt with instant retrieval of credit ratings and building a risk profile with data collected from various sources with the virtual enterprise workforce.

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Use Cases

Onboarding and offboarding employees

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce ensures your HR personnel are free to engage with the employees and not with their desktops. Virtual workers help automate onboarding or offboarding tasks without having to liaise with individual departments like accounts, IT, etc. Ensure 100% compliance and audit while securing your assets and accesses when an employee leaves.

Salary and Payroll administration

Virtual workers let you spend more time in employee engagement during performance reviews, goal setting and feedback sharing by automating the salary administration. Automate and unify your existing applications to ensure payroll automation across employee set-up, tax reporting, salary reviews, deduction administration and system synchronisation without the need for physically keying and of the information.

Compensation and Benefits administration

Enjoy higher employee satisfaction by timely delivering the benefits to your employees across health care, stocks, rewards, reimbursements, surveys, etc without the need for manual administration.

Recruitment management

Automate recruitment management across sourcing, screening, planning, assessments and securely interfacing with third party tools from vendors to provide a holistic recruitment approach. Your recruitment specialists get more time to interact with the candidates and are better informed with the consolidated view of the entire process.

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Use Cases

Incident Management

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce manage your incidents before involving experts. Never miss an SLA with improved speed and accuracy of resolution. With the virtual workers at your side, remediation or escalation to the right SME is done without the need additional software, tools or expensive platform integrations.


Scaling up or down is seamless and timely with automated provisioning across all your infrastructure and applications leading to better management of infrastructure and lower operating costs

Network and Infrastructure Support

Network monitoring and control with the use of virtual workers makes sure your network delivers for your organization each time. Keep a close watch on your network load and adapt without human intervention.

Backup and Patch Management

With virtual workers, remove the mundane tasks that occupy your expert’s valuable time unnecessarily to automate backup, recovery, patch roll-out and upgrades while ensuring your CMDB is updated at all times.

Where does RPA fit in your business?

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