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Use Cases

Legacy enablement

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce (term to be used for SEO “ViEW”) interact and interface with your legacy systems, relieving your staff from maintaining legacy systems and duplicating manual data entry. Modern and digital user interfacing applications do not need to reinvent the wheel but simply integrate with the legacy backend platform.

Non API integration

API access is a boon for enterprise application integration and modern business process management implementations. However, many such initiatives hit a roadblock when the target systems do not expose their services over APIs. Robotic automation provides a secure communication between systems while sitting on the application layer. This gives a boost to your digital transformation program especially for systems that you can’t or don’t want to redevelop.

Customer & Supplier System Integration

Modern global enterprises often face challenges with their digital transformation initiatives when integrating supplier systems or third party application software which with tight interfaces. The virtual workers can be configured to provide an automated interface between these systems thereby speeding up your overall transaction handling time.

Information Validations and Auditing

Achieve 100% compliance and meet all audit obligations with the virtual workforce. The audited data is validated, atomic and can be cross-referenced at all times even if the data sources belong to disparate systems.

Where does RPA fit in your business?

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Use Cases

Application Modernisation

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce help you transform your legacy systems to be integrated in your modern processes alongside your latest tech. Gain more value from your investments by including them in your system modernisation initiatives.

Consumer Channel Shift

With the virtual workforce at your side, you are omnipresent when you’re customers need you regardless of the channel of communication. Automation to enrich your online presence empowers your customers to serve themselves.

Online Service Catalogue

Automated online catalog services empower your customers to help themselves with the customer online portal that not only educates but serves customer requests. The automated solution is backed by role-based access to ensure that authorized users can request services which are passed directly to virtual workers.

Compliance & Reporting

Ensure 100% compliance and accurate reporting for your global enterprise conforming to the laws and obligations of the respective regulatory authority. The reporting is scheduled to avoid missing the set timelines and the data is recorded securely and seamlessly.

Where does RPA fit in your business?

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Use Cases


AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce (term to be used for SEO “ViEW”) provide you complete control over your end-to-end procurement needs by not only automating in-house processes but also integrating the third party systems into the automated solution. Keep your purchase process moving across supplier onboarding, acquisition requests, approval and sign-off requirements.

Supply Chain

Manage process workflow of your internal and external systems to ensure your supply chain is always synchronized from raw material handling to the movement of finished goods to the end consumer across multiple distribution channels.

Customer Experience Management

With virtual workforce on your side, managing customer expectations and engagement is efficient throughout your customer engagement lifecycle. This helps you create a holistic customer experience that will keep your customers coming back and gives your personnel the creative time to explore better ways of engaging with customers.


Ensure your hardworking employees are paid on time and precisely with the virtual workforce doing the heavy lifting in payroll processing and control across reimbursements, benefits, compensation updates, variable payments and final settlements. This gives your staff more time to focus on employee engagement and expectation mapping.

Where does RPA fit in your business?

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Use Cases

User and Access Management

AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce (term to be used for SEO “ViEW”) help you stay in control of your application and system security by automating all the identity and access management tasks. This ensures all your systems know who to let in, who to help out and who to keep out.

Request and Change Management

Never miss an SLA or an opportunity to service requests and change management requests from your customers for your standard and bespoke processes alike. With the virtual workforce, automate all your disparate systems to provide unified handling of your business processes.

Self-service catalog

Ensure that your customers have all the means to help themselves by automating and presenting a unified view of your services catalog. Using the automated and integrated solution customers can easily service common problems or requests through online portals without having to wait for manual intervention by service personnel

Problem Management

Configured confidence (term to be used for SEO) with the enterprise virtual workforce handling incident management and escalation to the right personnel with alert and feed thereby dealing with incidences with confidence knowing that your system is backed by a robust RPA implementation.

Where does RPA fit in your business?

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