Can RPA help me?

While RPA can be a highly effective tool when it comes to making repetitive processes more efficient, it is a large undertaking to implement, and is not always the correct solution. Here are some of the things you should consider when deciding if RPA is right for you.

Strategic deployment vs departmental

Strategic, transformational programs are akin to a change management program. Senior sponsorship, support from technology, cultural adoption, and wide-ranging support and emphasis result in greater business benefit. This reduces total cost of ownership and creates a more coherent and successful deployment due to the wider range of stakeholders and expertise involved. In other words, fewer bottlenecks and greater benefit.

Small scale vs SME

The beauty of Blue Prism is that the technology footprint is light-weight; it can be deployed in very small environments and yet has the headroom to grow to tens of thousands of robots, all on the same extensible technology platform through incremental investments (no need to throw away your progress and start again).

If your ambition is one day to outgrow a single department, then please read on to discover how you can benefit from using Blue Prism.

“Citizen computing” vs centralized

Citizen development is where individuals are empowered to create their own technology-based initiatives – fine for localised, non-business critical processes at small scale, but as appetite and momentum grows it becomes difficult to maintain, consistency and design are hard to achieve and control, and visibility and specialist aspects such as security, compliance, and governance are increasingly difficult to implement. A centralised model allows the community to propose business cases and ideas for automation. It also ensures that best practise, design, and governance are applied, making for a more scalable and effective implementation.