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Use Cases


AURO Virtual Enterprise Workforce provide you complete control over your end-to-end procurement needs by not only automating in-house processes but also integrating the third party systems into the automated solution. Keep your purchase process moving across supplier onboarding, acquisition requests, approval and sign-off requirements.

Supply Chain

Manage process workflow of your internal and external systems to ensure your supply chain is always synchronized from raw material handling to the movement of finished goods to the end consumer across multiple distribution channels.

Customer Experience Management

With virtual workforce on your side, managing customer expectations and engagement is efficient throughout your customer engagement lifecycle. This helps you create a holistic customer experience that will keep your customers coming back and gives your personnel the creative time to explore better ways of engaging with customers.


Ensure your hardworking employees are paid on time and precisely with the virtual workforce doing the heavy lifting in payroll processing and control across reimbursements, benefits, compensation updates, variable payments and final settlements. This gives your staff more time to focus on employee engagement and expectation mapping.

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