Auro, a boutique Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consulting, delivery and training provider, recently achieved Silver Certification from Blue Prism.

Auro has committed the resources and personnel to delivering Blue Prism RPA, the world’s most successful Digital Workforce to North American clients across a wide variety of industries including financial services, banking, insurance, legal, manufacturing and retail. The company can now provide end to end delivery of Blue Prism RPA implementations for organizations of all sizes, with flexible cost models that help their clients get the best return on their investments. Auro takes pride in announcing that the entire team holds Blue Prism accreditations across Robotic Operating Model (ROM) architect, technical architect, professional developer, solution design and cognitive roles.

“Auro offers a holistic team of consultants with a proven track record in leading large-scale implementations and taking pride in ‘RPA, done right’,” said Rob Katz, CEO of Auro. “We are proud to partner with Blue Prism to deliver its intelligent, connected and easy to control digital workforce to our clients. Borne from a delivery-focused culture we offer sustainable, consistent and mature intelligent automation programs to deliver the best ROI for our clients.”

Blue Prism complements the workplace with an elastic, multi-faceted and multi-talented digital workforce, helping organizations automate and scale business processes via AI, machine learning, intelligent automation and sentiment analysis. This digital workforce eliminates vendor lock-in by providing access to the best of breed AI technologies and Intelligent Automation skills through a Technology Alliance Program (TAP) that transform how organizations can leverage technology to deliver true operational agility.

“We are very excited to see Auro achieve this significant milestone,” says Ron Raczkowski, SVP of Alliances and Channels for Blue Prism in the Americas. “They have the track record and expertise in RPA to help clients bring about a true digital transformation. We have a partnership that is poised for growth based on the success of our mutual customers.”

To date, the Auro team has delivered more than 100+ automated processes for multiple clients around the globe across a range of industries. Auro consulting services help clients set up highly scalable automation factories and enable them to run self-serve RPA programs with its signature training methodology.

“To realize the full potential of RPA, it is important for organizations to put enough diligence into building their robotic operating model right at the outset of the program — which defines the interaction between processes, organizations, roles, and technology to generate specific business outcomes. While RPA operating models are not “one-size-fits-all”, the bottom line is that a company’s RPA transformation is likely to fail if it tries to keep the same operating model after automating human tasks” said Neha Sharma, Head of Technology Strategy.

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