Redefining your enterprise workforce

A virtual workforce that can learn numerous tasks in order to allow your people to be their greatest selves.

Our Approach to Intelligent Automation (IA)

We take a strategic approach to Intelligent Automation – One that increases ROI, enhances productivity and reduces cost. Not only does this lead to more efficient processes, but Intelligent Automation frees up productive executive time, helping them to focus on more value-based creation. This helps your organization in turn to sprout more quickly. IA in any industry, be it Financial Services, FMCG, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom increases competitiveness for most sectors, of an economy thereby benefiting the customer at large. Repetitive, tiresome, monotonous and dull tasks are taken care of by Intelligent Automation thus bringing in more precision, productivity, accuracy and scalability.


Vision and Strategy Setting


  • Vision and Strategy Setting
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Business Case Creation
  • Roadmap
  • Adapt and Define Key Methodologies and Tools
  • Determine COE (Center of Excellence) Requirements
  • Forecast Benefits
  • Iterate Strategy
Replicate and Ramp-Up


  • Replicate and Ramp-Up
  • RPA Core Component of Technology Stack
  • Select Benefit Driven Processes
  • Engage Business Stakeholders (Program Push)
  • Build Automation Pipeline from Assesssments
  • Adapt and Define Methodology from Program
  • Broader Training and Experience
  • Initiate and Develop COE from Program
Automation Enabled Transformation


  • Automation Enabled Transformation
  • Fully Mature COE
  • Manage Business Demand (Business Pull)
  • Manage BAU Automation Pipeline
  • Augment Best Practices
  • Self Funding Deployment and COE

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